Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Betsey Johnson Garment Dyed Dominatrix Biggie Dress

Betsey Johnson Garment Dyed Dominatrix Biggie Tank Dress

 Betsey Johnson Garment Dyed Dominatrix V-Neck Boxy Tee
Shown below.

Sorry I'm sorta Laughing out loud here. Would I wear this? Back up and Ask Ok do I think it is So cool? Yes to that one!

Both Covered with Dominatrix Dolls wearing Boots Bra and Carrying A Whip LOL!

Not sure you could pass this one up if your a hard core Betsey Addict. Archive label actually attached to the back outside collar on both these pieces. Placed there just to show your commitment to the Betsey Johnson Fan Club Cause.  Ok Ladies Grab your whips and get ta going TEE HEE!

Sold out at Betsey Johnson Web Site!

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