Friday, May 21, 2010

Glee does Lady GAGA

Glee does Lady Gaga or

Lady Gaga Goes GAGA for GLEE

There are GAGA sightings everywhere. Im telling ya GAGA Mania from about every corner of the globe...And if you haven't heard yet The Cast of Glee will be no exception. So excited for next weeks episode. Many of you may know how fashion, drama and Gaga Crazy I am but now were you aware Glee was my new favorite passion?... So here we go complete with song dance and Alex McQueen inquired fashion. INSANE Glee and Bravo!

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By the way...While on a hunt for material for this posting I stumbled upon this crazy funny video of some College/Frat dudes paying om-age to the GODS OF GAGA CRAZY STYLE!

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