Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Betsey Johnson Blue Striped Ombre SATC Carrie Dress

Anyone who is going through SATC withdraw like myself.... Spends my afternoon watching reruns of the TV show.... Long Drives watching itunes down loads of the Full Seasons and LIP BITING waiting for the SATC 2 Movie to release.

Well here is a tid bit for your Viewing/ Buying and Yes now Wearing SATC pleasure.....

This is an amazing Find of Major Carrie Bradshaw Fashion proportion.

Betsey Johnson Evening Striped Ombre Vogue Dress
As seen on Carrie Bradshaw in the Final Season of SATC (Prom Scene). How cool is that? The dress is not only gorgeous with Blue Silk Attached Skirt and Mesh Crinoline for fullness but as seen here worn by Carrie in the TV show.

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