Thursday, February 3, 2011

Shake it up Bella Thorne wears Green Sequin Betsey Johnson Dress

Shake it up Bella Thorne Green Sequin Betsey Johnson Dress

Betsey Johnson Evening Sweet Caroline Dress
Betsey Johnson Evening Sequin Leopard Dress

Disney has a new Hit on its hands with the teen show Shake it up. Dancing a great new Hip Hop routine week to week on the fictitious "shake it up Chicago" TV show. What Glee is to Singing this Disney creation is to the Dance world. But who would have guessed would have been a new Fashion world icon. Well it seems to be and CeCe Jones ( Bella Thorne) and her best bud Rocky Blue (Zendaya) appear in layers of leopard, cool graphic tees, nulti stripe everything, ripped jeans and lots of colorful get ups yelling out "follow our new style" to everyone watching episode after episode. But I would have to say it would only be a shot time before we saw them in something simply spectacular... And yes WE did.

Both got dressed up fashista style ready to attend their bosses big dinner party recently. "Surprise" we see them decked out in Betsey Johnson I'm saying to yo both of them in Betsey Johnson Evening Dresses. Bella Thorne in the Betsey Johnson Teal and Yellow Leopard Sequin Show Dress and Rocky in a Pink Sweet Caroline with Black sash dress. The Sweet Caroline Dress actually comes with a gorgeous Black Bow in back. This must have been removed for the show. Also it is strapless in The original version. The costume designer on the show also must have added a ruffle one shoulder strap which does not come on the dress. The Betsey Johnson Sequin Leopard dress worn by CeCe looks like it has not been altered from the original Betsey Johnson. Once more Betsey Johnson makes a TV fashion Splash. Now for an even younger crowd.

Both of these dresses would be so perfect for upcoming Prom, Sweet Sixteen, Spring Weddings, Sorority Dances or Bat Mitzvahs.

I so hope to see more fabulous fashion in Movies and on TV. I am sure we have not seen the last of Celebrity sightings. I mean these are spectacular and so fun to watch fun to follow and of course even more fun to wear.

If you would like either of these dresses they happen to both be available now at SunnyBeachCouture. The Betsey Johnson Sweet Caroline in Pink with Black sash and Bow as well as the Betsey Johnson Sequin Leopard/Panther Dress. These are now sold out at Betsey Johnson and online everywhere else. Hmmmm Great find right?

Here is also a video clip showing both dresses.

All credit for the video goes to Disney

For more Bella Thorne there is an official fan website with more coolness all about Bella.

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