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Will Ali Fedotowski be one of the Dancing Cast - Announcement coming after Bachelor Pad

Dancing with the Stars cast announced Monday August 30 after the Bachelor PAD...
Who will be next to thrill with skill or take a spill?
By JenniferLoves
Ali Fedotowski here with Jake during the Bachelor. (find the dress  ALI YELLOW Dress worn on the Bachelor here)
Will Ali follow fellow cast members lead and Dance for her Reality TV LIFE?  We can only Hope :)

So far only rumors are flying but soon we will have our answer. Cast will be announced Monday August 30 during the Bachelor Pad. Does that mean we have to watch that show?  HAHA Not another one to get secretly hooked on.!
It looks like there are a few leaky pipes at Fox here are the rumors flying as of tonight

Radio & TV Talk

‘Dancing With the Stars’ cast leaks include David Hasselhoff, Margaret Cho, Bristol Palin, the Situation, Rick Fox

As usual, entertainment news programs are diligently releasing “leaked” names of the upcoming cast of “Dancing With the Stars.” The cast is supposed to be announced in full Monday night during “Bachelor Pad” in some sort of pseudo press conference set up.
Here’s what we know so far, with E! Entertainment (a reasonably reliable source) providing the most complete list. Three have reasonable Atlanta ties:
-Margaret Cho (”Drop Dead Diva”) – The part-time Peachtree City resident has had years of success as a stand-up comic and did a modest bit of dancing on the opener of season two of “Drop Dead Diva.” (right) She should at least be able to parry with the judges quite well.
- Bristol Palin. Yes, she’s famous thanks to her mom and her teen pregnancy. From a train wreck perspective, she’s the Kate Gosselin of this particular season. Could she dance any worse?
- David Hasselhoff. He lived here in Atlanta for awhile, not that anybody here is proud of that. The “Baywatch”/”Knight Rider” star theoretically can sing so can he do a paso doble, too?
- Florence Henderson. At age 76, the “Brady Bunch” star is the token old person this season. That means sympathy votes, at least for the first couple of weeks.
- Rick Fox. The NBA star and actor plays Harry on “Tyler Perry’s Meet the Browns” on TBS. That appears to be his Atlanta connection. Athletes almost always do well in this competition.
- Michael “The Situation” Sorrentino. The 27-year-old Staten Island breakout star of “The Jersey Shore” is probably going to spend more time with his shirt off than on during this competition. Does all that working out and pump fisting equal rhythm?
-Audrina Partridge (”The Hills”) – I don’t care either. But there she is.
- Jennifer Grey (”Dirty Dancing”) – With her background from “Dirty Dancing,” she theoretically should do well here. But that was 1987. Her career, unlike that of the late Patrick Swayze, did not take off.
- Brandy – The R&B star has done her fair share of reality shows including her current VH1 with her brother Ray J. So this is a natural. And given the track record of past R&B entertainers, she is expected to do well.
-Michael Bolton – The overwrought R&B singer hasn’t been seen much lately but he was hot in the 1990s. Hard to tell if he can dance. I doubt he’s done much in his videos (but I’m loathe to check again for sure.)
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