Sunday, August 8, 2010

Betsey Johnson on Project Runway

Betsey Johnson guest judge this week on Project Runway Season 8

"Project Runway" Season 8 Premiere
NEW YORK - JULY 28: Fashion designer Betsey Johnson attends the "Project Runway" Season 8 premiere at the Empire Hotel on July 28, 2010 in New York by...

Project Runway guest judge Betsey Johnson with Heidi Klum

This my be my favorite episode EVER and i have not even seen it yet.
I mean come on people how can you not love the COMBO of Project runway and Betsey Johnson all rolled up into one FABULOUS hour of Reality Fashionista style TV.
Bring on the Mode Fabric.... the Designer challenge, the back stabbing drama, the throw it on the model and push her on the runway... even if it is stapled together moments....... and most of all bring on BETSEY ALREADY.  That is why I will be watching this week..... Whooooo Hoooooooooo

Here you will find a few of My most favorites from Betsey Johnson now available online............. Xx Enjoy

Crochet Lip Charm Necklace
$40.00 at Betsey Johnson

Betsey Johnson 'First Date' Oversized Ring
$50.00 by Betsey Johnson at Nordstrom

Betsey Face Cropped Cardigan
$228.00 at Betsey Johnson

Spider Rose Jacquard Sweater Coat
$378.00 at Betsey Johnson

Evening Chelsea Bubble Strapless Dress
$418.00 at Betsey Johnson

I'm going a little Betsey Johnson Crazy as you can tell so here are More Betsey Johnson Dresses for Homecoming, Prom or Party.......... or just to be Betsey-fied when we don't need a special occasion to be FABULOUS Xx!

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