Thursday, April 29, 2010

Betsey Johnson Wink Intarsia Cardigan PINK!

Betsey Johnson Wink Intarsia Cardigan PINK!

Here we go again........ How can I get anything else done with Betsey Johnson Continuing to out do her self time and time again. PLEASE give me a shopping Break Would YA? AUGH! Betsey Johnson Marylin Wink in FABULOUS PINK!

Need to build a bigger closet to house all my Betsey Special Finds. Hey didn't BIG tell Carrie in SATC Movie he could build her a bigger closet? WHERE IS MY BIG WHEN I NEED HIM MOST?

Love this but you knew I would. PINK WINK and Fantastic. Xx

This is brand new on I think you better get this one quick. Sure to not be around for long Whoooo hooooo!

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