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'American Idol' Results Who was voted off?

 'American Idol' Results Who was voted off Wednesday March 4?

'American Idol' mercifully says goodbye to a few more hopefuls.

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'American Idol' mercifully says goodbye to a few more hopefuls

Posted by Cheri Robertson
My absolute favorite moment of Thursday's elimination show was the second Haeley Vaughn stopped singing.

The intense bear hug bestowed by Michael Lynche followed by the swell of the herd around Haeley certainly should have been the highlight. But really, the true highlight was when the poor girl finally stopped slaughtering "The Climb." The first version she sang on Wednesday was dreadful (thank you, Simon), but Haeley trying to sing through tears was more like caterwauling. I'm not sure she hit any correct notes.
And just so I can't be accused of only picking on Haeley, let me spread the love a bit.
John Park leaves me struggling for words, because quite frankly, I can't even remember his performance. I recall thinking he wouldn't last long, but he didn't even leave a dent, let alone an impression.
Now, Jermaine Sellars I do remember. Making himself known by flapping his gums did nothing to ingratiate him with this viewer. In fact, Simon Cowell called it during judging. Flashing back to my last entry, during the boys night live blog... 'When Jermaine piped up to ask what song he should sing next week, Simon quipped "I'm not sure you'll be here next week."'
Do you find yourself imagining these people in real life situations after they leave Idol? I see Haeley back in school, studying hard and being adorable. But alternately, when I picture Jermaine, he gets more and more obnoxious. Vocal talent aside, what came across to me was a cocky, mouthy kid who truly believes he's far better than he really is.
We still have a few bad apples to weed out, but at least now we're getting to the real talent and soon, we'll be seeing those magical 'diamond in the rough' performances. I can hardly wait.

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