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Alice in Wonderland inspired fashion and Betsey Johnson

Alice in Wonderland inspired fashion and Betsey Johnson 
Betsey And her Tea Party!

By Jennifer

Alice in Wonderland must have shopped at a Betsey Johnson Store or maybe on SunnyBeachCouture!

Betsey Johnson is before her time on this Tea Party Theme.  Fashion is running wild with Alice and Wonderland inspired Frolicking about in layers of crinoline.. Bows Tea cups and Ace of Spade jewelry..

This is nothing new to Betsey Johnson. We have been enjoying her Tea Parties for years now.  Jewelry Bags Dresses all designs with Colorful Fanciful Fun.

I'm am now inspired to look back and am finding even more Betsey in the land of Alice.  

Take a look at what Betsey Johnson does best with or without Hollywood and the Movies.......

Everyone is invited to MY Tea Party... Just make sure you come with layers and layers of Frill, Bows, A china Tea Cup, and some Yummy Cupcakes if you please...

... Betsey Johnson Tea Party Charm Bracelet & Stud Earrings
Betsey Johnson Tea Party inspired Jewelry from last spring 09

More Gorgeous Tea Party Dresses than Alice has in her Closet

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 Some celebs have already been Alice-fied...... take a look at who wears Betsey and are
Alice in Wonderland PERFECT!

Found on

And from Feb 6, 2003 The Purse Blog...
February 6th, 2009 / Posted in $200 - $399 by Shannon.
Betsey Johnson Tea Party Betsey Frame SatchelAs much as the handbags themselves catch my attention, there are certain times when a given handbag name really peaks my interest. I guess you could say that my mind does a fair amount of wondering and questioning. When I came across the Betsey Johnson Tea Party Betsey Frame Satchel I was more intrigued by the name than the handbag itself. I didn’t really find anything that great about the handbag itself, but I began to find myself fixated on tea parties. For the life of me, I can’t remember the last time I went to a tea party, can you? And if you were to go to a tea party, is this the kind of bag you’d carry? Personally, I wouldn’t. The crinkled patent leather satchel with goldtone bow accents is not for me. Plus, when you open the handbag, you’ll find floral lace lining; it just seems like there is too much going on. Maybe this bag would be fun for a young girl, but that’s about it. Buy through Bloomingdales for $375.

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