Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Juicy Couture Pink Flower Dog Collar

Juicy Couture Pink Flower Leather Dog Collar

I'm recommending this ADORABLE Juicy Couture Pink Flower Leather Dog Collar which is Perfect for my Yorkie Dog.

This is so gorgeous .... a painted Enamel Hot Pink Flower on my Doggies Neck. He doesn't even care its pink (WINK). I think this is my favorite Collar for now. Spring has arrived and all the flowers even on my doggie have bloomed. They come in Bright Yellow and Green as well as this Pink Passion of mine...

This is new from Juicy Couture and sold out most every where in pink already. Of course I'm not surprised.

Pretty enamel flower with a pearly center adorns a buckled collar, perfect for the four-legged fashionista.

Find at SunnyBeachCouture



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