Thursday, February 11, 2010

Alex McQueen's Runway Show Spring/Summer 2010

Alex McQueen's Amazing Show

Plato's Atlantis

Spring/Summer 2010

McQueen’s AMAZING show Spring/Summer 2010!

Two huge robot-like cameras dominated the set at Alex McQueen’s spring/summer show, while a huge LED screen backdrop featured a film by Nick Knight of a naked woman's metamorphosis from human to sea creature (via handful or two of snakes!). Much hype surrounded McQueen's collaboration with SHOWstudio to live stream his show to a worldwide audience – and for the show audience, gone was the anonymity of sitting in a darkened venue, as the cameras menacingly patrolled the rows of fashionistas for all to see.

With the collection entitled Plato’s Atlantis, McQueen presented a series of breathtakingly beautiful short print sculpted dresses, each one unique and almost couture like in its intricacy. An army of models appeared other-worldly in their alarmingly high ‘armadillo’ shoes and with prosthetic gills attached to their cheeks, suggesting a change from human to fish.


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