Sunday, January 31, 2010

Juicy Couture Gumball Machine

Juicy Couture Gumball Machine
Juicy Couture Gumball Machine. Let them eat cake? How about let them chew juicy couture bubble gum. Just one more gumball please. Brand-new and Available online is this juicy couture Gold Crown gumball machine. I had to share it because I just picked one up and it's sitting on my office desk. Sorry could not wait for Christmas. I must say simply adorably fabulous. It comes with pink and white gumballs. Chomp Chomp...... POP!

* Goldtone.
* Logo crown on top with signature "J" turn key.
* Includes pink & white gumballs.
* Metal/glass. (via Sunny Beach Couture)

1 comment:

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