Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Celebs' Favorite Pet-Friendly Hotels

Celebs' Favorite Pet-Friendly Hotels

Everyone who knows me knows I am in love with my dogs.  Little ace my  4 pound black Yorkie-poo goes everywhere with me. I have snuck in into more than a few hotels, restaurants, department stores and yes even with me to the gym  :-).  I just found this article which may be helpful to me and I thought others might enjoy as well. Now talk amongst yourselves while  Acie and I head to Starbucks Then out shopping.

Checking In! Celebs' Favorite Pet-Friendly Hotels 

When Pink stayed with her dog Bubba at Keswick Hall, nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, the pampered pooch feasted on special china.

During a trip to New York City’s Hotel Gansevoort, Jennifer Love Hewitt’s dog got locked out of her room, so hotel staffers "puppy sat" till the actress returned that night.

And when Rihanna checked into Kimpton’s Alexis Hotel in Seattle with pup Oliver and asked the concierge to have him groomed, by the end of the day, the well-behaved pooch had an adorable "Teddy Bear" cut.

Now, before you say, "Yeah, yeah, they're getting the star treatment," take note, travelers: Savvy hotel executives around the country have stretched their imaginations and their amenities to entice pet owners like you. Think Italian linen dog beds, doggie boot camps and fancy menus with filet mignon. The Gansevoort Hotel in Manhattan even offers a collar tag for your pet that reads "I am staying at Hotel Gansevoort" — perfect for VIP pooches visiting the big city!

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